Mystery Pictures!

I want to tell everyone who is apparently reading this post, I got this Idea from Allison! She does this and that is where(would you get-stop! it!there!) anyway.. where was I at? Oh ya! That is where I got the Idea! Please visit her blog by clicking that whole sentence above!  This post is about Mystery pictures! I will put the pics on and you have to guess what they are! Tell me what you think they are in the comments! And the 1st place winner will get a link put on my blog, of THEIR blog! Pretty cool, huh? Okay! Let’s get started!


#1…. What IS this???


#2… What in the world! (sorry they are so blurry)


#3…Oh man! These are kinda hard!


#4….Whoa! Is that a???


#5… Is that a poisonous Caterpillar or WHAT???


#6… I’m all out of guesses! What is it???


#7… Is that a Vicious M..M..Mon.. MONSTER???? *shivering with fear*


#8…. a crooked Roller coaster ride??? I’M CLUELESS!!!!!!!!


#9…… OH COME ON!!!!!!!! Just tell me!!! PLEASE!



Don’t worry! That was the last one! (Almost) “Oh come on.. be DONE already!” you say! Well, I’m done with the mystery pics, here is a bonus and I will tell you what IT is! A sunrise!


“Finally, we’re DONE!!!” you say!!!

Hope you at least KIND OF enjoyed it! They aren’t nearly as good as Allison’s! Please check out her blog and her sister’s blog by clicking… Oh ya!!! Just click the blue.. or purple.. or whatever color those THINGS are, and it should bring you to their blogs! By the way under the images is supposed to be what you MAY be saying when you see the pics, if you didn’t already get that! Hope you leave some comments to this!


K.A.! Your BB! (Blogger Buddie!)

P.S. I’ll post the answers on.. ummmmm……………..NEXT Monday. If I can! If not I’ll do it whenever I can!

30 thoughts on “Mystery Pictures!

  1. #1 pretzel
    #2 chain (this one is REALLY HARD!)
    #3 stuffed animal
    #4 fish eye
    #5 brush (at first I thought either brush or broom, but my mom thought brush, and I agreed.)
    #6 cotton swab
    #7 fingernail clippers
    #8 guitar handle (do you play guitar?)
    #9 outlet (my mom guessed that one)
    #10 cord????
    These were HARD!

    One tip for getting less blurry pictures, is to take the thing outside when it is sunny to take pictures. But… for mystery pictures you can’t always do that. This was a fun post. Thanks for linking to me!


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