Dog Treats!!!!

A few days ago my sister and my mom got me a dog biscuit recipe book. So….. today I made dog cookies!!!

This recipe is called ‘Paw lick’n Chicken’, but since I put in beef broth and not chicken broth, I call it

‘Paw lick’n Beef ‘ 😀   🙂   😀   I wanted to put some videos on, but the blog wouldn’t let me.

Guiney (My sister’s Australian Shepherd.) was begging for more before she even swallowed her biscuit!!!

All the dogs liked the dog treats except one!!  Here are some pictures of them:

Grizz liked them!!

Grizz liked them!!



Aggie loved them, once she got the idea that she was supposed to eat them and not bury them. (that’s what she did with the first one!!)


Berny Loved them Too!!!!

Soo… I hope you liked this week’s post from Cuddly Critter’s Blog!!!!



Signing off!


P.S. I want to have a weekly photo every …………….. Tuesday or Saturday!!! I know

that I’m early this week, but this week’s pic is the picture of  Grizz at the top!!



19 thoughts on “Dog Treats!!!!

    • The Doggy Bone cookbook by Michele Bledsoe. What kind of dog do you have? Mine is a Border collie! We also have Australian shepherds! You have Puppies? We don’t have any right now. But my dog’s first litter she had one and the next she had 9! Just want to let you know that when you cook them they are pretty hard. So you might have to break them to give them to your pups. How many pups do you have? Yes the dog treats are edible to humans and they taste sort of like crackers!

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      • Thanks!!!
        Oh oops! Did I say puppies? I meant puppy! Sorry.😀
        Your dog had 9 puppies!!! Wow! I bet that was fun! That’s cool you have Aussies too! That’s what my dog is!! She is a Blue Merle! What colors are yours? I saw you had a Blue Merle also. Is Grizz also an Aussie? What about Berny?
        Your Blogger Buddie

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        • That is soo cool! Grizz IS an Aussie! Guiney-the other aussie- is my sister’s dog! Berny is just a very fluffy border collie! My dog is just Black and White with a little brown! I sold six of the pups, but still have three! They are all black and white! Their names are Shach(shack) Terri and Lulu! My dogs name is Aggie! Yes the pic of a dogs nose is my Aggie’s nose! What is your puppy’s name? My dog is 4 years old(I think) how old is yours? Do you have any other animals?
          Your Blogger Buddie


  1. Are any of the rabbits yours??!! Gadget (the horse on my profile pic) is mine. Aggie is mine. All the fish on the page “fish” are mine and The crabs on the page “crabs” are mine And I have 12 chicks too!!! I play the mandolin,(its a musical instrument) and the guitar!! I play a little piano, just a little. I don’t read my Bible as much as I would like to. But when I do read it, it sure is fun!!! Do you play an instrument? I really don’t mind you not telling me your name or your exact age. I think privacy is a good thing. I’m thinking of cleaning out my hermit crab tank. And I need to clean my fish tank. Sammie (my algae eater) is getting really big. He is very cool. I saw a really cool fish yesterday and it looked like it was half eel half fish. It was SOOOOOOO cool. I really want it!!! 😀 It was long and skinny. If you could own any animal in the world what would it be? Mine would be a River otter!!!!! Sorry, I talk too much, (or write too much)

    Nice writing to you!!



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