My Cute Chubster!!

Okay I have some sad news. Maisey the millipede has died. 😦 I think my crabs ate him. Because I thought he would be fine with them so I put in in there. They were probably hungry. I haven’t fed them in forever!! 😦

But here is something To CHEER YOU UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:


This is a picture I took of Chubser, Isn’t he adorable? 🙂 (sorry it’s blurry) The second picture is a picture of my first paint by number!!!!



6 thoughts on “My Cute Chubster!!

  1. Poor Millie the millipede! You should go on a walk sometime and look for more! That picture of Chubster is adorabe though, and your paint by number is totally COOL BEANS! Wish I could see it in person! 😉

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